A portable, diesel, three-phase generator with a power output of 8kVA, equipped with automatic start and an open type, can be useful for use on construction sites, in agriculture, at events, etc.
This generator has an automatic start feature that allows it to start automatically in case of a power outage. This can be very useful in case of unforeseen power failures to ensure that important devices continue to operate.
The generator is of a three-phase type, which allows it to provide power to three-phase devices. The 8kVA power output provides sufficient power for most devices and tools.
The open type of the generator provides good ventilation and engine cooling, making it more reliable and durable.
This generator can be used for a variety of tasks, including providing electricity to construction sites, powering equipment in agriculture, at events, and many other places where electrical power is needed.

STANDBY Power: 8 kVA

PRIME Power: 7 kVA

Engine model: 192FAE

Engine Power: 13 HP, 3000 rpm

Piston and Stroke: 92 х 75 mm

Voltage Regulator: AVR

Voltage: 230/400 V

Amper: 11 A

Frequency: 50 Hz

Power Factor: 0,8

Phases: 3

Starter: Electric

Noise level: - dB

Continuous operating time at 100% load: 6 hours

Oil tank capacity: 1,7 litres

Fuel tank capacity: 13,5 litres

Fuel consumption (consumption rate): 242 g/kWtH

lwh: 720x492x655 mm

Weight: 120000 g

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