A portable, gasoline-powered, single-phase 8kVA generator is a reliable and powerful device that can be used in various conditions. It is perfect for use on small construction sites, at a summer cottage, or for emergency power supply.
This generator is equipped with a powerful engine that ensures high efficiency and fuel economy. Thanks to the automatic regulation of the engine speed, the generator automatically adjusts to changes in the load, which guarantees stable and reliable power supply to electrical equipment.
The portable, gasoline-powered, single-phase 8kVA generator is easily movable thanks to the wheels and carrying handles, which makes it easy to use in any conditions. It also has high power and is capable of providing uninterrupted operation for many electrical devices in your home, at a summer cottage, or on a construction site.

STANDBY Power: 8 kVA

PRIME Power: 7.5 kVA

Engine model: SC460

Engine Power: 16 HP

Engine Volume: 459 cc

Engine Cylinders: 1

Voltage: 220-230 V

Frequency: 50 Hz

Phases: 1

Starter: Electric

Noise level: - dB

Continuous operating time at 100% load: 6 hours

Fuel tank capacity: 25 litres

lwh: 720x560x585 mm

Weight: 98000 g

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